Technology employed in 360 Virtual Reality

Digital WorldSince the advent of the Internet, numerous kinds of 360° technology have been develloped.

This is due to the natural evolution process wherein needs have to be met. As such, specific applications have been created to address specific needs. In the web site development, especially, there have been countless innovations with regard to technology.

Virtual reality markup language is one such development in web site creation. It is also known as VRML for short. This is the technology which is used for animation and 3D modeling. Basically, VRML allows web site developers to incorporate 3D images in web sites. In order for the viewer to see the image in 3D a web browser plug in is needed.

Panoramas are another component of this technology. The function is very much like VRML with a slight difference. In contrast to VRML, panoramas lace together different pictures to form the 3D image. They both require plug ins for viewing.

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